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Domain Transfer

March 20, 2015     0 comments

Registrar Transfers are FREE. Your domain must already be registered with another Registrar in order to begin. Web Services USA does not charge any extra fees when transferring your domain to us from your old host. However, ICANN requires a one year extension to your domain when it is transferred to a new host. With this extension/renewal of your domain we charge the typical renewal fee. The time from now until your current expiration date will be transferred for FREE so you will not lose anything you've already paid for.

Once a transfer is started you cannot make any changes to the whois information. No contact changes. No Nameserver changes. You must wait until the transfer completes. Transfers can take approximately 7 days if the other Registrar takes no action to APPROVE or DENY the transfer request.

Warning: Some Registrars will LOCK the domain when it approaches close to the expiration date. This prevents the domain from being able to be transferred away from them. Since you don't lose anything by transferring, the sooner you transfer, the better chance you have of completing the transfer and the safer your domain will be. You don't gain any more registration time by waiting anyway.

Note: We only accept .com, .co, .org, .net, .us, .info, .biz, .cc, and .me extensions at this time.

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